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The project i4Siri generally is supposed to port siri to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Specifically we are looking to make a similar server like apple’s that runs and processes siri dictations just like apple exempt ours will NOT log personal data and it will not require regeneration of 4S keys every 24 hours.

As for the legality of out Siri port:

We are hoping to be able to make the install of this Siri port as easy as possible. It is going to be as easy as possible but also legal. Meaning we are planning writing a program that will extract the Siri files from 5.0.1 firmware and install them on your device. This will be an automated process. We hope to be able to have this for windows and mac but mac will be first. Part of it WILL be downloaded via Cydia.

It is illegal to distribute the siri files but if we download apple’s firmware and decrypt the files it is 100% legal. We hope to be able to bring a fully functional and legal port for all. This is the ultimate goal.


  1. jaylince says:

    we`re happy to hear that .I think it can work on our device resently .am I right?

  2. Adam Richman says:

    will it eventually work with the iPhone 3gs?

  3. Jason says:

    Siri with untether jailbreak.This year’s Santa Claus will beautiful!

  4. Jeremy says:

    Great Work. I will do my best to help donate to you guys. keep up the good work. =) I’ve been wanting to have siri on my i4 for a long time now…great to hear that you have come a long way in your project. i will be looking forward to the release. =)

  5. tomer says:

    is there an estimate time ?

  6. Wojtek says:

    please release today!!!!

    • Siri says:

      guys! i think that the guys who are working on porting siri are trying to figure out a way to release a siri that makes you able to connect to Apple server without even a needing to own an iPhone 4s, so there is no point of releasing siri that requires you to own an i4s to be able to connect apple server. so i think that we gotta wait some time and try to help them by donating to them! :)

  7. inviadesign says:

    awesome work dude….!!

    also maybe will be a good idea if you teach us how to create our own server for siri…i own 2 servers so maybe i can host a few people… and there is more people with servers so we can make this work together =)

  8. iWilliam says:

    When will the public get this?

  9. Mohamed says:

    Great!!. I’ll support you, you just release it now. Could you give us an estimate time?

  10. oO says:

    Please,write what time you port?

  11. James says:

    Thank you guys sooooo much! Amazing holiday present…. I understand you guys are hard at work and we all appreciate it but do you have a possible eta??? Its sooo hard to wait any longer!!! Thanks and good luck!

  12. Please Admin get in touch by email as i could help you out


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  13. Eric says:

    I guess you are going to check this: local Siri server on iPhone 4

    Why hosting a server?
    Why connecting others’ server?

  14. Mohamed says:

    could you guys explain a detailed description of how siri works?

  15. Chase says:

    I would like to donate. Does donate give me early access? My twitter is @The_Chase_W I just tweeted you guys and asked the same thing. Let me know so I can donate ASAP. Also, when do you think this will be set free in Cydia?

  16. iLoka says:

    Hey Guys if you need some helps i’m here ( Great Job )

  17. Kuki says:

    Fed up of Apple taking it’s customers for granted and not giving them the services they deserve. I normally do not jailbreak, as I’ve had trouble in the past, major battery issues, but I am happy to jailbreak for Siri, and will be doing it once it comes out and is stable.

  18. al says:

    i have a feeling that apple will release siri for iPad 1-2 and iPhone 4 because they will get tired of people trying to get it on older devices, but now since only the 4s has it if they added it in a iOS update then the sales for iPhone 4s will drop and people will buy the iPhone 4 with siri but when they have reached enough sales they will put it on older devices.

  19. Marvin says:

    Hey guys I’m pretty excited about your project and I have a question. When do you reckon you’ll release it ?

  20. Kaeden says:

    I really nedeed to find this info, thank God!

  21. Jarod71 says:

    left a donation, good luck on this guys…

  22. Karem says:

    Thank you all

  23. FrederikHvid says:

    Hello :)
    Which source should I add to download the i4Siri from Cydia? :-)
    Please help me :)
    You can also respond me to my mail: :)

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